Our Story

Founded in Denver, CO in 2001 by Charles Reilly, Ponderosa Solutions brings over 50 years of industry knowledge, experience, and professionalism to everything we do.

Ponderosa’s extensive background as a wholesale broker in the oil and gas industry, buying and selling asphalt for 30 years, laid the foundation for the work we do today. In 2005, we were presented an opportunity to increase our purchasing with a strategic transload operation in Oklahoma City. Recognizing the additional value created, we began adapting to changing dynamics by offering Transloading solutions to the market. The turning point came in 2021 when we recognized that service-based solutions were our true calling

Our company evolved, driven by a commitment to addressing industry pain points.

Our mission

Our mission is to solve problems at a fraction of the cost offered by our competitors, while also enhancing value for our clients. With two decades of wholesale experience, we tap into our extensive knowledge to create value where others see challenges.

Our expertise

Our expertise spans various supply chain models and industries, and we are adept at creating solutions that redefine the norm.Our familiarity with general-purpose tank cars is the result of over 20 years in the railcar shipping industry.

Our insight

Our insight is rooted in firsthand experience, making us more than just a transloading company.

We can see challenges five steps ahead, saving our clients precious time, resources, and unwarranted stress.

Today at Ponderosa Solutions, we continue to navigate the shipping industry with expertise, managing over 6,000 railcars annually. Additionally, we proudly stand as the only mobile-based company to offer transloading of liquid asphalt. When you choose the Ponderosa Solution for your next project, you can expect a dedication to excellence, a drive to turn obstacles into opportunities, and an unyielding commitment to our client’s success.