Our reliable liquid transloading services are designed to offer the same safety standards you’d anticipate from direct loading at a refinery. Our portable transloading equipment is ready to facilitate the seamless transfer of liquid asphalts, VTB, fuel oils, and residual oils across all of North America.

Whether we’re managing truck-to-rail or rail-to-truck movements, Ponderosa Solutions is your trusted partner for all your transloading needs. With an unwavering commitment to safety, we will locate the nearest rail spur and provide the essential equipment, skilled personnel, and efficient trucking services you require.

Our experienced technicians are skilled at transferring petroleum products while adhering to strict safety protocols. Our team can transfer one truckload (four of which fill a single railcar) in less than 22 minutes!

We’re skilled at operating in all weather conditions, from below zero to 100+ degree temperatures.

Tankless Terminaling

Tankless terminaling is our groundbreaking approach that revolutionizes the way oil and gas products are handled and transported within the industry. Our innovative method encompasses rail racks, rolling storage, mobile heat, and truck racks to enable the seamless transfer of products. Unlike traditional practices that use intermediate tanks, we eliminate this step and pump products directly off railcars.

Comparable to terminaling, tankless terminaling allows for the efficient movement of products without the need for intermediate storage tanks. By skipping this stage, companies not only save valuable time but also significantly reduce costs associated with tank acquisition, maintenance, and operation. Tanks are notoriously expensive investments, and by circumventing their use, companies can allocate resources more strategically.

Steam Heating

Our state-of-the-art, low-pressure mobile stream unit is designed to bring efficiency to railcar operations. Our unit seamlessly handles a variety of liquid products, ensuring optimal heating no matter the viscosities or freezing points.

  • 50bhp boiler capable of producing 250F steam
  • Utilizes #2 fuel oil to produce 1725 lbs/hr steam output
  • 600 gallons of additional onboard water capacity
  • 160 gallons of fuel storage
  • Condensate return system
  • Delivery to the site with operator or training can be arranged
  • Unit is set to heat 1-3 railcars simultaneously, but custom applications can be discussed-When it comes to heating liquid asphalt railcars, our experts craft mobile high-pressure steam and heater systems with precision to meet your demands.

These systems can be seamlessly integrated with our portable transloading equipment to offload railcars housing asphalt, residual oils, molten sulfur, and specialized products that drive your industry. We offer these operations to clients anywhere in North America.


  • 100 – 200bhp boiler capable of producing 250F – 350F steam
  • Utilizes multiple fuel sources depending on availability to produce custom steam output
  • Condensate return system
  • Delivery to the site with operator or training can be arranged

Product Recovery

When your general-purpose tank cars have derailed or sustained damage, leaving your valuable product trapped and inaccessible, we step in to retrieve it.
Our dedicated team understands the urgency of your situation. We use cutting-edge expertise to rescue your product from disaster, saving you stress and money. Our unique approach involves heating the compromised tank cars from the inside, effectively restoring the conditions necessary for a safe retrieval. You can count on us to salvage your product and prevent a potential catastrophe.

H2S Treatment

  • H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) is toxic in nature, making exposure to even low concentrations dangerous. Additionally, H2S is known to corrode pipelines, equipment, and infrastructure, which can result in costly maintenance, downtime, and potential accidents.
  • By employing specialized technologies and fine-tuned processes, we effectively reduce H2S levels from extracted hydrocarbons, safeguarding the health and safety of workers and ensuring the longevity of equipment and infrastructure.
  • H2S removal guarantees operational continuity, protects personnel, and prevents environmental harm. By prioritizing H2S removal, companies demonstrate their commitment to responsible and sustainable oil and gas production, ultimately benefiting both their workforce and the communities they operate in.

Tank Stripping

  • Tank Stripping involves the extraction of tank residuals from the low point suction or sump, effectively reclaiming materials that would typically qualify as hazardous waste.
  • Ponderosa Solutions integrates a mobile transloading unit with an inline basket strainer, facilitating the transfer of previously inaccessible products from the tank to awaiting trucks. These products can then be routed to an offsite transloading facility or unloaded at an alternate location.
  • Through close collaboration with our operations department, we develop tailor-made solutions designed to safeguard tank heaters and other refinery equipment, optimizing the extraction of products from the tank.
  • This innovative approach minimizes tank downtime, reduces the volume of materials earmarked for disposal, and generates added value by salvaging sellable materials.
  • Onsite setup requires approximately 30 minutes, with project completion typically achieved within a 12-hour timeframe.